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Methods of Removing Tattoos

Approximately 25 percent of those who get their bodies’ tattooed regret because the side effects are many. The high cost of tattoo removal and the pain of the procedure is what makes the whole process a difficult decision to make. Below are some of the methods of removing tattoos.

The most commonly used method of tattoo removal used today is the laser treatment method since it is effective and affordable. In the year 2018, an approximate of $82 million was earned through the laser tattoo removal industry. High-intensity light is used to break down tattoo color pigment which is drained into the bloodstream. Laser treatment method is divided into passive laser treatment and active laser treatment. The only disadvantage of passive treatment laser method is that it partially removes the tattoo but other than that, it is one of the cheapest method. It is good to do some online research on method of tattoo removal procedures to have some knowledge so that you do not get conned. Active laser treatment method is popularly known for its ability to get rid of tattoos of all colors. Many people prefer laser treatment to other methods because the scarring risks are minimal. Active Q-switch is divided into YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite which have different color spectrum.For more info. Click here.

Tattoos can also be removed using broad-spectrum light through the process called intense pulse light therapy. The tattoo pigments are decomposed into very tiny components that passed into bloodstream and washed away leaving behind some scars which then heals with time. Color people are not advised to use this type of method.See more here

Cryosurgery is a method that is usually used to remove skin cancer and can be applied to tattoo removal. The most commonly used agent for this procedure is the liquid nitrogen which is a freezing agent. Some of the reasons why anesthesia is required for this process, is because removal of inked epidermis is so painful. This method is cheaper compared to other methods but it does not favor those with sensitive skins.Details about cryosurgery see here.

Thirdly, tattoos can be removed through a process called dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is the process that makes use of high-speed brush or wheel to remove the upper layer of the skin that contain tattoo pigment.

Fourthly, saline and water solutions can be used to remove the tattoo pigment through a process called salabrasion. Salt is used to scrub away the inked epidermis leaving behind a scar which heals with time through skin regeneration over time.

Chemical injection is another option of tattoo removal procedure that is recommended for permanent tattoos. The chemicals injected into the skin only use body processes to dissolve and remove the tattoo pigment. The defense system of the body is made to detect tattoo pigment as enemy of the body and dissolved and removed from the skin. This process reduces greatly the risk of scarring and many people are opting for this method of tattoo removal procedure.

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